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Our brand new show home is open for viewings at Port Loop.

You can take a look around one of our three storey Town Houses for the very first time in Birmingham.

Find out more about new homes at Port Loop below.


New homes

at Port Loop

Welcome to canal-side living

All the homes at Port Loop make the most of its unique island location. Their large windows let in the light and give you soothing views over water or green space. Several designs also include second floor terraces and garden terraces, so you can enjoy the outdoors from your own private space.

Light-filled three-storey designs

Some of Europe’s most beautiful cities are built around canals. So we looked to Venice, Copenhagen, Bruges and Amsterdam to see what we could learn. Three-storey town house designs have been popular in these cities for centuries, so many of our home designs are also built around a three-storey layout, with high ceilings and open layouts that make them feel free-flowing and spacious.


Brick House

at Port Loop

Introducing Brick House

When you’re creating a new neighbourhood, varying home styles is important, as it gives each street its own distinctive character. So at Port Loop, our Phase 1b release of homes introduces Brick House.

Unlike Phase 1’s modular Town House styles, the Brick House homes have modern brick exteriors and architect-planned layouts. They’re built around the key principles our light, space and high quality design. High ceilings, tall windows and glass doors on the ground floor all flood the homes with light. Upstairs living spaces have juliet balconies with french doors. Layouts are also open and free-flowing, maximising the feeling of space.


Communal green space

The Brick House homes are built around a landscaped communal garden. You can slide open your glass back door and step out into a natural, grassy space or simply sit in your living room and enjoy the feeling of openness and freedom you get from looking out at green grass and blue sky.


Brick is beautiful

As you’d expect from a home called Brick House, these homes are built with lovely, distinctive brickwork. Some styles use a blended red multi brick, others a dark blue one. Both are full of gorgeous textures and tones.


Town House

at Port Loop

You’re part of the design team

With Town House, you decide whether you prefer loft living, with your living space on the top floor making the most of the pitched ceilings and elevated views, or garden living, with your living space on the ground floor giving direct access to your private garden.

Then you customise your layout. All the internal walls can be adjusted. So you can go open plan, add an extra bedroom, include a home office or create a cinema snug – anything’s possible really. It’s your life, it’s your house, it’s your choice.


Light, space and flexibility

With full-height windows and doors, plus impressively high ceilings, every home maximises natural light and creates a sense of flow between rooms. They’re spacious too. Look around the average 3-bedroom house at most new build developments and you’ll find it’s around 900 sq. ft. Our Town Houses range in size from 1,000 to 1,500 sq ft.


Town House
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